Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nearly a Month, Hmm?

I almost went a whole month without posting, which is ironic since I have little else to do at the time. It was easy to ignore the economic downturn in Arkansas, where we have always been a little economically downturned. The size of the state an the relatively small population pretty much ensures that after various services and goods are distributed amongst everyone, there will be a place for pretty much everyone in the work market. Both the times I set my mind to finding a job in Little Rock, I had one pinned down within a couple of days. And if things are still the way they were when I left, I'm sure I still could.

Here, though, it is different. Massachusetts is only a sixth of the size of Arkansas landwise but has three times as many people. The work market is saturated with human beings. And now that most companies can't afford to keep around fluff jobs anymore, people are getting laid off. Hiring freezes are going into effect. Schools, libraries, retail shops, and restaurants are downsizing to the bare minimum they need to get by.

So while I continue to put in applications, I'm also enjoying some time off. It's the first "summer vacation" I've taken in a long time where I didn't work. Before Kerry started working, we watched a lot of anime and movies together. And over the past two weeks I've been playing EVE: Online, taking care of all the housework, reading, and pestering the cat. I've been making quite a few soups out of my Monastic and bean cookbooks--black bean soup, St. Basil soup, shrimp and corn chowder, spinich and lentil soup, and some 12-bean soup I made up from looking at and combining other recipes. Tonight I am making beer soup!

On a random note, I did get to see Kerry's program director sing in a Yiddish folk band yesterday. \o/