Friday, October 8, 2010

King Arthur's Fall Festival

I skipped posting about the Big E the weekend before last, as it was pretty much the same as last year. I ate my ritual turkey leg. I had an apple cider slushie and a maple shake. Only difference is that Kerry got a pair of boots and I got a new hat. :)

Last weekend, though, we went to something different: a renaissance faire in Connecticut. And based on the experience we had there, I would say that I'm a fan of renaissance faires. The theme was a medieval harvest festival, but we went on a weekend where they encouraged people to come in any fantasy-type costume. Kerry and I didn't dress up, but we saw elves, steampunk folk, barbarians, and even furries!

The fair itself was pretty small, with just five or six main roads. You could walk through the whole thing in in ten minutes, which made it seem intimate and cozy. There was food, vendors of fantasy/medieval-esque goods and costumes, games, and some reenactment camps (we got to see a camp of Emperor Maximilian's Imperial mercenaries). There were also themed shows and interactive events that took place throughout the day, chronicling an Arthurian tale. Kerry and I were shanghaied into being human chess pieces for one event...on the bad guy's team!

What I liked the most about the festival, though, was its sheer whimsy. People talked in funny accents, wore funny clothes, and did funny things, abandoning all the stuffy reservations that confine our interactions with each other in everyday society. It was an incredibly friendly experience, even if it was fake. And I quite liked being called "mi'lord."

The only downside was the cost. The entrance fee was $15 a piece, and we didn't have to pay for parking, but it was incredibly easy to be parted from our cash once inside. The main event actors weren't performing for tips, but all the side-show folk were. The amount of aggressive salesmanship from a few of the vendors was also pretty ridiculous. We came out of it with a new singing bowl, though, so we did our part to support the event. Now I'm looking forward to the Robin Hood themed festival in the spring!

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