Friday, March 4, 2011

CCP makes me cry.

As everyone who knows me well should know, I epic <3 EVE: Online. I realize that this makes me special. There aren't any elves, magics, fairies, or respawns in EVE. No, it is a game about spreadsheets, calculators, loss, grief, and hate. CCP also realizes that EVE players are special, and they like to slap us around they're evil little kittens since we've already demonstrated that we'll pay money for pain.

Next weekend is the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston. I will be there. I have been wondering for months why CCP is not representing EVE there, and figured they are just too busy planning the upcoming fanfest in Iceland. Today, though, I found out that there has been an invitation to a private CCP developer party somewhere in downtown Boston flaunting free drinks, entertainment, and general imaginary internet spaceship geeking out...and I missed it.

Why did I miss it? Because I didn't think to look for encrypted messages in a QR code that they leaked to the public a while back that has been floating around in the Internet ether with absolutely no indication that it is effing important. Now I am sad. This is my sad face: :(. What makes me more sad is that I can't decide whether this is awful or brilliant.

All that I can take from this for certain is that I play this game and that makes me hardcore.

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