Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chorizo Chowder for Sinusitis

Last night, I had planned on making tequitos for supper. That, however, was before life decided to kick me in the ass with another bout of nasty sinusitis.Not having all the ingredients on hand to make Will Wheaton's soup, and definitely not feeling up to quaffing breakfast burritos, I turned them into a sinus-cleansing hellfire and brimstone soup!

Put the following in a pot and simmer it for 20 minutes:
-Ye olde skinned and diced potatoes.
-Yon onion chopped into tiny bits (this is also relieving to the sinuses)
-Ye bag of frozen corn.
-An aluminum cylinder of petite diced onions.
-A goodly portion of cut up chorizo sausage.
-Enough water to cover it all.
-A wee bit of chicken bouillon.
-As much pepper/cayenne pepper/slap-ya-mama you feel you can survive.

Meanwhile, whisk together two cups ye old cow lactate with 1/4 a stick of butter and 1/4 a cup of flour till all is well blended in its own heated pot, then dump it in the other pot.

Enjoy tequitos turned chowder and let tears of searing relief roll down your face with the liberated contents of your sinuses. Just be mindful that it doesn't dribble into the bowl.

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